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Stop Wasting Money On Airtime To Make Phone Calls Here And There When You Can Communicate Quickly And Efficiently For FREE, Using This

Super Long-Range Pair Of "16-Channel" Walkie Talkie

Why You Should Get This:

  • It Comes In Pairs (2 Each)
  • You Can Communicate effectively With It’s Very Clear Signals
  • You Will Communicate For FREE (Saves You The Money Of Buying Airtime)
  • You Can Communicate In Remote Areas Where There’s No Service Network
  • It Can Be Used To Pass Impromptu Messages Fast To Your Security, Guards, Partners, Friends, Spouse
  • It Has 16 Channels
  • It Has Strong Lasting Battery (It Lasts For About 10 Hours)
  • It Is Water Resistant (It Can Be Used Under The Rain)
  • It Works Within A Distance Of 5Km

These Walkie Talkie were made using the best materials and can work at a long distance of 15Km. You can use them for security work, swift communication in the house between yourself and your house hold, for camping, for sports, and so on. 

Even in those areas were you don’t get good effective service from your network provider. This is just a good machine needed in every house hold

It Comes In Pairs (2-In-1)

Quick Testimony From Happy Customers

The Revolutionary Communication Wireless Radio for Hotel Owners, School Owners, Vigilantes Groups, Banks, Engineers and Construction Workers, Event Planners, etc…

You Can Now Communicate With Your Team, Workers, House Hold from 15 Kilometer Distance without SPENDING a DIME on Phone Calls Anymore, Saving You Stress And Money

It Has A Wide Application (Can Be Used For So Many Functions)

More Testimonies From Happy Customers 

We Also Offer FREE SHIPPING and A 6 Months Warranty. Meaning if there’s any mechanical fault on the Walkie Talkie, you will be refunded 

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