Are you still using those old heavy irons that burn clothes?

Iron And Sterilize Your Clothes Neatly Without Burning Them Using This Portable Easy To Carry Steam Iron


1. This rotatable garment ironing machine can be used for dry and wet ironing. It can be ironed continuously for 1-2pcs shirts when filled with water. It can iron many pieces of clothing. It is an indispensable good assistant for family ironing.

2. It Is Energy-Saving, It doesn’t consume alot of electricity.

3. It doesn’t just straighten clothes, it Sterilizes them also.

4. 170℃ high-temperature steam, fine water mist, moisturizing ironing, repellent bacteria, no damage to the fabric, excellent ironing effect.

5. The large titanium panel and the beauty tip design can deeply smooth the subtle parts, and the ironing area is wider and the efficiency is higher.

6. The bottom silicone ironing pad design prevents you from accidentally touching and scalding.

7. The ironing machine is small and portable, easy to store, and does not take up too much space.

This portable iron can be easily packed into your bag when you want to make a trip and you’ll need to quickly straighten your clothes. It is very light  and easy to carry. It doesn’t consume space atall. Very few pieces left.

It Doesn't Just Iron; It Keeps Clothes Free From Bacteria With It's Sterilizing Effect

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EASY TO CARRY: This iron is so lightweight and very portable, you can easily put it in your suitcase and take it anywhere

ENERGY SAVING: This Iron doesn’t consume a lot of electricity.

MODERN DESIGN: This portable iron comes with a very sleek design and also a silicon covering to make it even more attractive

ROTATABLE HANDLE: This Iron comes with a rotatable handle to make it easier to get every angle while ironing your clothes

PERFECT GIFT: This iron is a perfect gift idea for any of your friends or family whom you want to gift

It Gives Options Of Dry And Wet Ironing

It Has Rotatable Handle For Easy Ironing

It Can Be Easily Packed Into Your Suitcase

It Is Energy Saving (It doesn't consume a lot of electricity)

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NOTE: This is Not A Rechargeable Iron, It Uses Electricity. It Is 350 GHS. Please If you wouldn’t be available to receive this within 1-2days, DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER. There Are Very Few Pieces Left, So It Can Reach Those Who Are Ready To Receive Immediately. If You Are Ready, Please Go Ahead And Fill The Order Form. Thanks