WOW! You can now charge your laptops, Tabs, Phone and other electronics in your car with this….

Portable Intelligent Multifunction Car Socket


  • ✅ Fast Charging: It comes with a powerful microchip that enables fast charging of devices
  • ✅ Multiple Functions: It has different charging ports for different devices. It is very versatile
  • ✅ Motor Engine Retention: It reduces the power usage of the engine of cars, making the engine last longer
  • ✅ Inbuilt Fan: It is has an inbuilt fan for cooling the adapter.
  • ✅ Fall-Resistant: It is Built to withstand conditions like falling.
  • ✅ Multiple Charging Modes: Choose from the variety of charging heads for different electronics.
  • ✅ Compact & Portable: It is lightweight and can sit nicely anywhere within a car

This Car Multifunction Sockets Is Awesome

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It Has A Wide Compatability (Laptops, Phones, Tabs, Fans, Torches)

You Can Easily Charge Your Different Devices Safely While Your Drive

It Has Fast Charging Sockets

It Ensures Your Car Engine Last Longer

It Has Dual Jacks For More Connections

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